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For the spiritual seekers, conscious creators,
& goal-getting gals...

You recognize you don’t neatly fit into a box, both personally and professionally. You’ve been brave, taken leaps of faith, and "done the work"... but something's still missing and you're ready to level up.

We've got you, dear!

Morgan Manifests helps spiritual seekers, conscious creators, and goal-getting gals transform from the inside out.


We break through your inner blocks using scientific techniques & spiritual principles so you can build a life that resonates on a soul level.

You likely...

  • Feel unfulfilled despite your achievements

  • Let fears or not knowing the “how to” get in your way

  • Recognize your traditional goal-getting approach is burning you out

  • Feel alone, unaligned, and out of balance

You're seeking:

  • More meaning, purpose, and fulfillment

  • Courage to create the life you want

  • Soulful, intuitive, aligned ways to achieve your goals

  • Support, community, and guidance on your journey

A bit about me.

I'm the Manifesting Mentor, Morgan!

  • I’m not a guru, I’m a mentor 

  • I’m not the typical manifesting expert or coach

  • I’ve formulated a practical approach to spirituality 

  • I’m an outsider in the traditional spirituality & wellness spaces

The Morgan Manifests Method

Morgan’s manifesting methodology ensures you not only learn new information, but you also apply and reinforce your learnings to experience a true transformation from the inside out. 

I offer multiple paths...


Discovery Session

Connect with me to see if we vibe and learn more about my offerings.


Breakthrough Session

Breakthrough the core blocks to your best life in just 90 minutes.


Manifesting Programs

Go all in to transform your life from the inside out.

What Clients Say...

"Before working with the Manifesting Masterclass and Morgan, I had identified some BIG goals, but was struggling to gain any traction in achieving these. By going through this program, I’ve become more aware of the relationships, attachments, and mindsets that I was holding onto that were actually holding me back from my goals to start my own business. 


I am now well on my way to achieving my goals and feel more confident about my ability to manifest these goals and so much greater in my future!"

- Christina L.

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