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You're longing for a more peaceful, abundant, and aligned life, but you just don’t know where to start...

until now.


Special Offer

Schedule a free 30-minuate Manifesting Mentoring Session ($125 value) to kickstart your journey to identifying and overcoming the obstacles between you and your most authentic, aligned, and abundant life!

Welcome! I’m the Manifesting Mentor, Morgan Hamer. I help high-achieving honeys, badass boss-babes, and girl goal-getters learn how to manifest their desires so they can trade their burnout for fulfillment and unalignment with ease!

The Manifesting Mentoring Programs & Packages

My comprehensive online programs include everything you need to get unstuck and break through to the next level of your goals so you can build a more aligned and rewarding life with ease. 


Morgan, The Manifesting Mentor

Meet the Manifesting Mentor, Morgan Hamer. Morgan is a serial entrepreneur who is driven by her passion for personal development, spirituality, and consistent leveling up.


In a remarkably short time, Morgan went from being broke and starving for a sense of purpose to the owner of multiple thriving businesses and a growing real estate portfolio. Morgan’s life mission is to master the art of manifesting and share with the world the life-changing knowledge that fueled her success.

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