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Through a multidisciplinary approach to manifesting and mentoring that combines information, collaboration, and hands-on learning, Morgan provides all the tools necessary to ensure her students consistently level up. Since beginning her quest to teach others the art of manifesting, Morgan has helped countless individuals transform their lives from the inside out.

Morgan is committed to providing excellent education, mentoring, and resources so that her students are able to successfully and sustainably curate a life that resonates with their heart's true desires. With flexible program options and effective tools, Morgan is confident you will get everything you need to increase your magnetism so you can attract and align with your authentic dreams. 

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Morgan’s Manifesting Story.

It all started with a book and a YouTube video… 


Morgan’s manifesting journey began in Charlotte, NC in January of 2018 when she realized her life was painfully out of alignment with her core values and her authentic desires. She found herself feeling stuck, lost, and defeated with no idea where to start to reclaim her life.


At that time, a few different friends recommended Morgan check out the book Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill and YouTube videos by the personal development thought-leader, Bob Proctor. After devouring this content, she was hooked on learning anything and everything related to personal development and leveling up. 


The first big break


A few months into Morgan’s quest to create a more aligned  and purposeful life, she was able to apply the tools she gained from her personal development learnings to land [what she thought at the time was] her dream job. After a few months, she realized the job was not a good fit, and she manifested an even better, more aligned career opportunity. By the end of 2018, Morgan had also  effortlessly shed 10 lbs. and attracted her first relationship after being single and lonely for years. In just one year, her self worth had increased exponentially, and she felt like she was in the driver’s seat of her life for the first time ever. 


The Loud Calling 


A few months into 2019, Morgan received a calling to lean into her passion for personal development and manifesting. She decided to create a blog to share her manifesting journey in real time along with the tools she applied as she continued to master the art of manifesting. At the time, Morgan was trying to manifest a move from Charlotte, NC to her favorite city in the world, New Orleans. She was also focused on manifesting the time and money required for an intensive life-coaching course she would complete to gain more tools for helping herself and others level up. 


Soon after Morgan manifested the money to purchase a $3600 NLP life-coaching course and a successful move to New Orleans, she got hit with a big fat Test from the Universe. She was offered a promotion and significant raise at her Charlotte-based company. However, in exchange for the promotion + raise, Morgan would have to work more hours and move back to Charlotte, NC from her favorite place in the world. 


Failed Test = More Lessons to Share with the World


Morgan took the bait, accepted the promotion, and moved back to Charlotte in March of 2020, tabling her plans of starting her manifesting brand and coaching services to take a higher-paying position managing a real estate firm. Her spirit was crushed, but she thought it was the best decision at the time.


For two years, Morgan tried to make it work at her job, despite being miserable. She justified t delaying her goals of starting her manifesting brand because her new position allowed her to make significantly more money than ever before. However, Morgan leaned heavily into personal development work in her spare time to offset the discomfort resulting from settling for a job that was not aligned with her heart’s true desires. 


Eventually the discomfort of settling for her unaligned career, while simultaneously denying her passion for manifesting, got to be too much for Morgan to handle. On January 1, 2022 she put her manifesting learnings to the test, and took a huge leap of faith by quitting her soul-sucking job in an attempt to create a more aligned lifestyle for herself. Fortunately, Morgan's radical commitment to honor her truth and her core values worked out in ways that were beyond her wildest imagination. 

A New Direction: Morgan Manifests


Since reclaiming her life, Morgan has fiercely dedicated her time to the creation of Morgan Manifests. She resumed her NLP Life Coaching and Hypnosis training she manifested in 2019, and she spent hundreds of hours creating a Manifesting Master Class designed to empower others with the tools she applied to manifest her new aligned life. 


In a few short years, Morgan went from being broke, lost, and starving for a sense of purpose, to creating a new reality for herself that resonates on a soul-level. By applying the lessons she shares in her courses and mentoring programs, Morgan started a thriving commercial real estate business, met the love of her life, owns over $1 million worth of real estate, and continues to build a deeper connection with her Highest Self.


Morgan found the recipe to manifest and she has the resume to prove it! 

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